Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

When we plan a vacation anywhere I immediately start thinking of pictures I could take on said vacation. It drives my husband crazy but I can't help it! ha! So when we started planning a quick trip to Traverse City I knew I wanted to do some photos at the sand dunes. I had only actually been to the dunes once (when I was 16) but I had seen enough pictures to know it would be fun. So I made my brother in law and his girlfriend model for me and we had the best time.

Back story; earlier in the day we decided to go for a bike ride. Prior to this I hadn't biked since elementary school ha! So we biked around for awhile and on the way back to the car I took a turn too fast and crashed. Right. Into. A. Fence. I went down fast and hard. My ankle was banged up and bleeding a bit, but nothing horrible. So when we got back to our Air BnB I iced it and relaxed a bit before we headed to the dunes. You guys. I had no idea how hard it was gonna be to climb up the dunes. But we made it. And it made for good pictures.

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