The Sunflower Garden

This session was pushed out a few times; but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. These photos wouldn't have been so incredible if we did them the first time they were planned! Everything that made us postpone these had to have happened to bring us to this day. In a little sunflower garden in the little city of Leslie right outside of Jackson Michigan. I've been using this property for sessions since I started my business and each year the sessions get more and more incredible!

Katelyn and Zach radiate happiness and love. As soon as they got there; the very first picture I knew it was going to be great. They are the kind of couple who naturally gravitate towards each other. They were naturally holding hands, kissing, sweeping hair out of face and smiling the whole time, I basically did nothing. HA! Can you believe this young and in love couple has a one year old at home!? Obviously they have kept that spark alive! I CANNOT wait to capture their wedding this year.