My top 5 poses for couples! (with varying heights)

Hi HI! It's been a long time since I posted a blog so I'm going to dive right in with some content for you all! I am so excited to share these photos of the Sumner's. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorites of 2020. Like many others they changed their wedding plans, downsized greatly, and made compromises. But it all turned out beautifully. They got ready and got married on Sydney's family's property (how special!) and had the best locations for portraits.

So while reflecting on their day and thinking about what I could say about it I thought this would be a great time to share some of my favorite couples poses. Kenny is quite taller than Sydney so these poses all work great when your couple is varying heights.

First things first

Here is just a standard photo of the couple in front of the arbor where they got married. Although this isn't part of the 5 poses I'll be telling you about I wanted to include it for a couple reasons. The first reason is because you can tell their height difference! The second is tell you to ALWAYS get a couple photos of the couple smiling at the camera (if you are an engaged person reading this, make sure your wedding photographer gets this photo!). Although it's not the photo you'd post on Instagram or will get the most likes, it is the photo that grandparents, parents, and family will likely end up framing for their own home. With the new trend of fun movement, lifestyle photography the standard portraits can get pushed to the back burner. But I'm here to say that they are just as important and timeless.

The Poses!

I'll talk about these in the order they are shared above.

  1. A kiss on the top of the head, forehead or temple. All of these options worked! I have shown kiss on top of the head. In this it helped to bring him to her without having to crouch or bend down in a way that wasn't comfortable or looked unnatural.
  2. Cuddle into his arm! This can be done with them both facing the camera or with his back to the camera. I've shown both ways. This is one of my favorites to do with my couples! There are so many variations you can add to this as well. Changing the direction they are looking, where the bouquet is, and other small tweaks makes for a nice variety of images.
  3. Walking images! Walking away then walking towards. You could also do running, you can look at each other or away.
  4. Belly to belly and bring her in for a kiss! In this one his hand is behind her neck. It shows connection. Brings her to him a little to change it up.
  5. Annd the funnest, pick up and spin!

If you are a couple or a photographer, I hope these poses help in planning!