Winter Wedding

This February (in a Pre-Covid world) I had the honor to capture the Miller's wedding! They got married at the cutest church in Kalamazoo, Mi and then we all headed to Loft 310! Which is such an AWESOME venue in Kalamazoo! This was my first wedding at the Loft 310 but I would love to capture many more. So this was Valentines weekend and I am writing this in August so I am sure you guys don't remember but it was FREEZING. I am talking polar vortex cold. So cold that the bridal party didn't want to even walk through the parking lots to get to the venue and called for the party bus to come get them! HA! BUT it was so lovely. The Gatsby room made for the most romantic photos of the newly weds. This was my last full wedding before everything changed and I am so happy I was able to be there for them on their big day! I am looking forward to the day we can all gather inside for a big reception, but for now I will be remembering this day. They had the best dance party and Daesha's maid of honor rapped during her toast. It was a great time for all!