Hi guys!!

First of all WOW! What an adventure this season has been! My first full year solo in this wedding world was a BLAST! Chaotic and a little crazy. But so amazing. And so so rewarding. I met the most incredible people, worked with the best vendors, and captured some amazing memories along the way. I am finally all caught up on editing from this fall & Christmas sessions (yes 1 week before Christmas!) I made it guys. Somedays I wasn't sure I'd ever get here- but here I am. All caught up! And now I can share all everything I've been meaning to share for 6 months.

Emily booked me for her wedding before my business blew up. She believed in me and loved my vision from the VERY start! From our first engagement session (at the apple orchard) I knew we were a good fit. Which is SOOO important when hiring a wedding photographer! She even booked me for an extra session this summer for some updated photos of her and Jon. Which was so fun as well!

Fun fact from this wedding; Jon (the groom) had two women stand in as "grooms-women" and one of those grooms-women was the bride for my next wedding! My clients are the BOMB when it comes to referrals. They spread my name and sing my praise and by doing that my business has grown insanely. I know it's all thanks to clients like Emily. Who not only tag me in all of their photos, write AMAZING reviews, but also tell their friends! I am so blessed to work with the people I do.

ANYWAY here is a sneak into their day!

@ Irish Hills Wedding Barn in Brooklynn, Michigan